Sunday, February 7, 2010

...... and I run down the aisle.

I am getting married. I mean, REALLY getting married.

34 days. Praise the Lord, and hurry it up March 13th.

As much as I want that glorious day to arrive, I have been a scaredy cat. Daniel and I have yet to find a place to live or jobs, regardless of our efforts. I have been saying that God will come through; He will "provide." Man, that word can be so redundant and so misunderstood. And as of late, distant. The disbelief in me, after all God has shown me since childhood, is shameful and embarrassing.

The past few days I have come out of the state of unbelief and really just started to have a peace about this. I have rediscovered the pursuit of God again; for the simple reason that He is God.

Something that Daniel and the mom-in-law-to-be have been saying for a while now is that God is going to provide for us in such an awesome, miraculous way that everyone around us who thinks we are crazy for getting married right now will see how great God is.

So that's what I have been praying for for the past week and a half, but my secret intentions for that prayer have been so that we will just be provided for. not necessarily for God's glory to be shown (man, I have a thick skull). And then a friend said something to me last Thursday night. He told me that he was just so excited for the wedding, which he has said on numerous occasions. But then he told me the reason why he is so excited; he has never seen two people who really love Jesus come together in this way.

Needless to say, my mind was blown. God is already drawing others to Himself through Daniel and I's engagement and upcoming marriage. He doesn't need to perform what our human condition would call a miracle, to do miracles, and to get His glory.

This marriage isn't about us. It's about the gospel. It's about love and hope and faith and victory. It's about glory.

God will take care of us.
He loves us.
Oh how He loves us.
People will see and hear.
And they will believe.

God will have His glory.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am filled with contentment this morning.
There is so much I have to be thankful for.


Thank you.
For all of the above.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Be Your Love.

I discovered this song a few years ago. I really enjoyed it.

I rediscovered it yesterday on my what I think might be a 1st generation ipod.
It's just a good song.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All of them.

I look back at my old blogs.
All of my toiling, questioning, confusion, dreaming, frustration, learning, questioning (oh wait I said that one already).....

It all makes complete sense now.
So much that it's humorous.

Funny in the context that I kick myself and say, "Oh you silly. why were you worrying so much about this? Why wouldn't God give you the most amazing human being?"

All just because He loves me.
And ultimately to get His glory.
And He funna get it.

Cause He is the most best God.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

South Carolina.

This place.

I understand that our environment isn't what makes us happy.
But it does.
And I think a healthy amount of that is ok.

And at the present moment, I am the MOST happy.

God uses this place to speak to me. And to bring me peace. And to make me feel loved.
So loved.

And I have my best friend with me this time to share the joy.

And I have the most awesome man with me to make me feel like the prettiest lady.

I am the most excited about this new adventure. And although I have resided here before, this new season will be a shmorgusborg of different experiences, callings, failures, successes, places, people and revelations of who God is.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skip town.

We've all seen an abandoned house. The paints chipping, there's water stains, the grass takes over the yard and there is just an overall unkempt face to it. And if you have ever been in a house such as this one, there is a deafening silence to the space. The only word that to me really describes that sound and the feeling you get is death.

Wow this blog just turned slightly morbid, but I'm going to roll with it.

I wonder what goes through the mind of a person/family that decides to abandon their house. At what point does ones brain, heart and soul decide that it just isn't worth it anymore?

And look at the end result of their decision; a sadly empty box made of four walls and a roof.

I'll just be real honest here. I had a moment, or rather a couple of moments today where my thoughts reached a place where abandoning this mission, this town, this community, these people.... sounded relieving. Relieving in the sense that because abandonment feels like the only option, if I were to actually do that, there would come the familiar sigh of, "Ahhh... at least it's over, and there's nothing I can do about it now."

Houses are a lot of work to keep up. Sacrifices have to be made and time and energy needs to be poured into it so that it can not only function the way it needs to (i.e. the plumbing), but also that it can be a home. A warm place for the occupants to be themselves and live authentically. If anyone can testify to the truth of that, it's my mother. Maybe I'll have her guest blog on this one day. I think it would be a genuine read.

Now I know that if I were to just pick up and leave, the Davenport world would not be shaken. But I am apart of something bigger, and what I do has impact; maybe big, maybe small. And so skipping town.... would that cause a piece of that something that I am apart of to just....die?

Because as I said at the beginning, death is the only way I can describe the feeling of an abandoned house. Or really, an abandoned anything.

I mean, what if Jesus abandoned earth and beamed himself back up to heaven and said, "Forget it, I can't do this anymore."

We would be dead.

I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Have you ever been bored?

And in that time when you were bored you sat and just started spazzing around?

And then from that spazzing around comes something absolutely astounding?

And that absolutely astounding something completely shocks your face off?

Because...... it came from you?

And you're not sure how?

Because you didn't realize that you had such inventive, out-of-the-box, non-formulaic creativity just waiting to pop it's little head out and say "Hey there" with a big goofy grin like it's been there since day 1?

That just happened to me.
And it has been there.
Since day 1.
Since the beginning of all absolutely astounding somethings.

And all this time...... all I needed to do was




oh. oh yea.